As a concept, Overworld, if not unique, is at least very unusual. Having to play an Actor in a production, and balance that with time back in the humdrum world and make it interesting can be aa difficult premise. Therefore, the game is looking for a certain type of player.

1. Good writers. Overworld is a literary storytelling game, therefore, writing skills are paramount to make the experience enjoyable and readable. An example of writing is required for entry, and a trial period during pregame will follow, in which writing skills are further analyzed to make sure each character is good fit for the game.

2. Good storytellers. The skills required to play an RPG are very much similar to the skills required to tell a story. Similar, but not the same. The game is looking for players that will not attempt to win against it, but that will work together to create a storytelling experience that will be enjoyable to all involved.

3. Good communicators. In a game such as this one, communication between the players and the moderator is paramount. If a real life situation arises in which a player will not be able to post, that player is responsible for communicating with the players that he is playing with, and the moderator, about the absence. If a player is not happy with aspects of the game, communicate these needs - respectfully - to the moderator, and if necessary the other players. Communications is key.

We look forward to seeing you in Overworld!

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