Overworld takes place in 4998, a time of great change in the galaxy-spanning Consortium. A time of great change and great uncertainty. A new Directory has finally been appointed after years of warfare and conflict- but his rule is not yet stable. Years of corporate warfare has decimated the production power of the Consortium members, and called into doubt the validity of the governing bodies. The caste system, once necessary for the preservation of humanity, has now begun to engender feelings of resentment and anger in the oppressed lower class. Though widespread violence has not seen a resurgence from the undertones of rebellion, it is just a matter of time.

At least, it was just a matter of time. A new form of entertainment has been discovered- one that crosses caste lines and takes proles and nobles alike from the grim realities of their everyday lives into the high adventure of actors- into their very minds and bodies. The empire now has its gladitorial arena, and it is called Overworld.

The planet Thalassa IV, seemingly was a research world for the Precursors. A broken Dyson Sphere, is a world that would seem like Humanity would treat with caution, or use for military or scientific purposes. But with the proscription on Precursor technology, it has no intrinsic worth other than the fact that it is the home to a multi-billion solarii Entertainment Guild venture. Interior to the massive surface of the Dyson Sphere is the fantasy realm known galaxy-wide as Overworld. It has all of the elements of high fantasy, including a force akin to magic.This was a gold mine to the Entertainment Guild. Actors now risk life and limb for the entertainment of billions throughout the empire, in adventures in Overworld.

You are such an actor, trained and commissioned by the Entertainment Guild. In Overworld, those actors that prosper become immensely powerful. But in the real world, they are still faced with the reality of being a lower caste citizen- even though they enjoy many of the advantages of upper castes. But popularity can sometimes be its own powerbase...

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